Fall Season

Registration for the fall season will open to current Pirate families SEPTEMBER 10 and to non Pirate familes September 15.

Our Fall season runs from October 9th, 2018 to December 16th, 2018, with a focus on stroke refinement, swim fitness, and team activities. The Pirates continues with a winter season from January till the end of April.


MATEYS and Mini MateysPirate-crows-nest.gif

Mini Mateys: 


  • Introduction to all 4 strokes

  • Focus on buoyancy, body position and movement through water

  • Introduction to the sport of swimming- distances, dives, turns

  • Primary focus is FUN

Mateys:  Group 1


  • Swimmers will be introduced to and practice freestyle and backstroke  fundamentals

  • Br and fly: main focus will be body position and kick

  • Sculling introduced

  • Proper turn technique for all strokes

  • Dives move up to the block

  • A strong emphasis on FUN while practicing skills




 Group 1

For swimmers who are developing their stroke fundamentals and technical skills

  • Buccaneers have strong bk and fr fundamentals and are working on their br and fl form

  • Technical emphasis on starts and turns

  • Swimmers are working on their kick endurance  and mastering the clock

  • Sculling practice will continue, now in many directions

  • Swimmers can move to gunners when they have all 4 strokes fundamentals in check, their turns are performed legally regularly in practice, and when they show they are ready for more workload





GUNNERS gunners2.jpg

Group 2

For swimmers who have developed all stroke fundamentals and have shown they are ready to increase their workload


  • These swimmers will be learning to train

  • Emphasis on set design, maintaining stroke fundamentals in more fatigued state

  • Maintaining technical skills while training

  • Introduction to dryland training

  • Introduction to goal setting and log book maintenance

  • Swimmers will work on becoming fast under water

  • Arm pull strength work introduced

  • Longer aerobic based sets introduced






                                         Group 3 

These swimmers are at a similar level to the gunners but older. Stroke fundamentals are in check, and they are ready for more workload.



  • Full dryland program

  • Goal setting and logbook maintenance introduced

  • Swimmers will learn about set design, practice using the clock with limited rest, and focus on maintaining fundamentals and technical skills while fatigued

  • When ready,  swimmers will spend some time training  with swordsmen and some time with captains as they start to transition from swordsmen to captains








                                  Group 4

These swimmers have learned to train and are ready for a more intense training program



  • Swimmers are training to train

  • Emphasis on fast underwater work during sets

  • Turn and start speed is measured with a focus  on improving these speeds

  • Training focus on power, speed and speed endurance

  • Short and long term goal setting will be monitored by kelly






  • Choose any one (1) or Two (2) days.

  • Practices are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays,Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


We have grown so rapidly over the past year we have made some changes to the swim times to assure all swimmers are getting the most out of their time in the water.


Mini Mateys 

6 and Under

Preschool- Grade 1

Group 1

Grade 1, 6 and over-Grade 4

Group 2

Grade 5-Grade 6


Group 3

Grade 7- Grade 9


Group 4

Grade 10-12

















































    Rates: (Subject to change before registration opens.)
  • 1 day per week $175 plus $25 insurance (for swimmers who did not swim summer 2018)

  • 2 days per week $325 plus $25 insurance (for swimmers who did not swim summer 2018)

  • Mini Mateys receive a 25% discount after individual assessments in October.


  • Mini-Mateys (4 to 6 years) should be comfortable in the water. This is a teaching program.

How to register: 

  • Registration will be open early September on this web site. All swimmers will be assessed by the coaches to determine exact group placement. If you are a Pirates swimmer regiustration will be open the end of August but only available through a link via email.

What to bring: 

  •  Goggles, swim cap and water bottle. A swim cap is provided for all new swimmers.

More information is found in the Athlete and Parent Guide.