Pirate Coaches


Kate Sutherland- Junior Coach

Hi Pirates!

My name is Kate and I am looking forward to coaching this year. This is my first year of junior coaching and I am very excited about it! This will be my 6th year swimming with the pirates. When I first started I wasn’t sure about swimming but after a while I started to enjoy it. I found the meets fun from hanging around the tent with my team mates to getting personal bests on my times.

I am also working on taking all of my lifeguarding courses. To date I have achieved my Bronze Cross (as high as I can go at my age).

I also play travel soccer for the U16 Squamish team during the winter season.  


Colin Chatfield- Coaching Assistant

Hi! I'm Colin, and I am a volunteer coach! I play soccer, competitive basketball and lots of other activities! I've been swimming for five years, but only competitively for 3. I spent 2 years swimming at AISS, then another 2 at SwimFaster and have now been thoroughly enjoying my 1 year at Pirates.I remember my first coach said that coaching is one of the most fun jobs he has ever had!. Since then, I have always wanted to try it out! I am excited for the new Summer season. I look forward to learning everyone's name and seeing all of you improve! See you in the Pool!

Thank you for this awesome opportunity, Colin Chatfield

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