Pirate Coaches


Kelly Kaye- Head Coach

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be back as a member and head coach of the Pirates Swim Club.

For those of you who do not know much about my background, I am a former junior national team swimmer and senior national team snowboarder. My first job coaching was with the Pirates Swim Club in 2000. After one year as an assistant, I became the head coach and remained head coach until 2005. In 2005 I decided to further my career and took a job with CHEENA, a winter club in North Vancouver. I have had much success in building fun-family oriented swim clubs with both of these teams. While at CHEENA I was a major contributor to it's growth, which went from 10 provincial qualifiers, to winning the Swim BC provincial team title and qualifying twenty swimmers for age group nationals. During that time I was lucky enough to coach some very talented high level swimmers. We had much success in the pool and won many national medals and crowned over a dozen national champions. One of my many swimmers, James Derousoff (18), just swam in the 'B' final at the Pan Am games in Toronto. I have also had many swimmers continue on with success out of the pool, attaining US scholarships for swimming and academics.

My biggest strength as a coach, however, is my ability to form close, trusting, bonds with each one of my swimmers. I am still in contact with many of my ex swimmers and value that above all.

In 2013, I made the decision to focus more on family life, put an end to the commuting, and return to coaching in my home town of Squamish. When not coaching, I am busy with my three small children, aged 6, 4, and 2. If I manage to find any other time, you might see me in the pool swimming, on the mountain biking, or snowboarding, at the skateboard park or perhaps on the waves in Tofino.

I look forward to bringing my knowledge and passion into the pool of the Squamish Pirates!

I can be reached at group3coach@squamishpirates.com


Wyatt Pedersen - Senior Coach

Hey Pirates! I am very excited to start coaching with the Pirates. I started swimming with the Pirates when I was 6 after a very poorly swam triathlon. I swam with the Pirates for 11 years and then with the West Vancouver Otters for 1 year. My competitive swimming career had many highs and lows, the highest achievement being top 3 at summer swimming provincials and making the times to compete at the AAA meets with the Otters.

Coming from personnel experience, swimmers are very delicate and can be hurt easily. My goal is to create technically skilled and healthy swimmers so that they can keep swimming and continue to become faster and faster.

I will do my best to pass on the skills I have learnt to the swimmers of the Pirates.

I can be reached at group2coach@squamishpirates.com


Nikaya Peiskar- Coach


  Hello everyone my name is Nikaya, aka coach Nikki. I am very excited to be coaching the Mini Mateys this season. 

Growing up I have always had a love for the water. I grew up in a small town of Smithers BC where I enjoyed learning to swim in my childhood pool  as well as the lake.

I started competitive swimming at the age of eleven. During my senior year I competed at a national level with backstroke being my strong race and my favourite event. I also had the amazing opportunity to grow as a swim coach where I coached the  Otters in my home town for three years. 

I then continued on in the field of aquatics to become certified as life guard and swim instructor for 7 years. I took a break when I got pregnant with my son Jake who is now five and excited to be a part of the swim team this season. 

 An interesting fact about myself is I also grew up competitive dancing as well. Most people wonder how do I swim gracefully? Being a dancer this  is where my gracefulness comes into action when I'm swimming. 

 I look forward to meeting you all and having the privileged of coaching your kids. Let's have a blast this year. 



Lexi Tone- Coach

Hi! My name is Lexie.  I have been part of the Pirate Swim Club for eight years.
I have a lot of my best memories in the water with my team. I didn’t always like swimming, but I stuck with it and now I don’t what I’d do without it.  I’ve made many lifelong friends in the club and it’s an amazing way to keep fit.
I am excited to be learning how to become a coach and also to help teach kids how to properly swim and to love swimming as much as I do.



Jaina Jose- Coaching Assistant


Hello Pirates! I'm Jaina and I'm super excited to start my first year of coaching!

As a young girl, I always enjoyed being in the water. So, I joined the Squamish Pirates Swim Club in 2011. Over time, my interest grew more into the sport. In 2013, I made it into my first Provincials in 3 events! Ever since, I've always loved competing and I took it a little more serious than I originally did. This year 2016, I qualified in 4 Provincial events.

I not only do competitive swimming, I also figure skate as well. This is my 5th year swimming with the Pirates and I look forward to meeting and sharing my skills with you all!!